Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Stuff of Dreams ebook cover revealed

The Stuff of Dreams coverNext month my latest piece of Star Trek fiction goes live; The Stuff of Dreams is a Next Generation eBook novella that will be available from all good online sources. Kindle owners can pre-order it from Amazon Here.

The cover art has just been released, and you can see it to the right here, depicting the Enterprise-E and the Nexus from Star Trek Generations; my novella follows on from m'colleague Dave Mack's recent Cold Equations ST:TNG trilogy and revisits plot threads from the Generations movie...

When Captain Picard is summoned back to the mysterious space-time phenomenon known as the nexus, he and his crew become embroiled in a desperate plot to rewrite history, no matter what the cost.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Stuff of Dreams is a 100 page eBook novella and will be available on or around March 25th.


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