Friday, March 29, 2013

Star Trek The Next Generation - The Stuff of Dreams is out!

The Stuff of Dreams coverThis week, my new Star Trek The Next Generation eBook novella The Stuff of Dreams went live, and it's available now for Kindle users from Amazon, for iPad via iBooks, on Nook, Kobo and pretty much every kind of padd-like device you might wish to have it on.

When Captain Picard is summoned back to the mysterious space-time phenomenon known as the nexus, he and his crew become embroiled in a desperate plot to rewrite history, no matter what the cost.

As I noted downblog, The Stuff of Dreams centres on Picard and acts as a return of sorts to Star Trek Generations. The novella's picks up after the events of the Cold Equations trilogy by David Mack (and contains spoilers for those books).

I'm pleased to say reader response has been pretty strong so far, and in the weeks ahead I'm going to be discussing this story on a couple of Star Trek podcasts, so more on that to come... 

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