Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Horus Heresy: Ashes of Fealty - Available Now!

Folks who came along to The Horus Heresy Weekender event last week were treated to some advance releases from Black Library, one of which was Knight Errant, a collected box set edition of all the Horus Heresy Nathaniel Garro audio dramas released to date, along Ashes of Fealty, a brand-new original Garro story that ties into events from the end of my novel The Flight of the Eisenstein.

audio-garro-ashes-of-fealtyThe rest of the world will be able to pick up the box set in April - and very nice it is too, if I do say so myself - but if digital is your thing and you can't wait a few weeks to hear the newest story in Nathaniel's saga, you can head over to Black Library by clicking Here to hear an excerpt from the story and download a copy of Ashes of Fealty right away; in this two-hander, the ever-awesome Toby Longworth reprises his role as Garro, and is joined by Jonathan Keeble as Meric Voyen, the former Death Guard apothecary who joined Garro in his rebellion aboard the Eisenstein.

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