Saturday, July 29, 2017

You Are Hearing Me The Honest Authors Podcast

The hardworking and highly talented duo of authors Holly Seddon and Gillian McAllister run an excellent podcast for new and upcoming writers, based around discussions, interviews and, as the title suggests, straight answers to listener questions.

Recently, I was lucky enough have a chat with Gillian and Holly about my career as an writer on The Honest Authors Podcast, where we talked about my new thriller Exile, the origins of and my future plans for the Marc Dane series, the ins and outs of writing tie-in fiction, the challenges of being a debut author and more! It was great to be on the show, and we had a blast getting into the fine detail of the craft...

Click on the link Here to hear the show with me on Spreaker, or go Here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  

Check out more from Holly Seddon and Gillian McAllister and their fiction by clicking on their names to visit their individual websites!

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