Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shield of Lies audio drama excerpt & pre-orders

BoxFrontThe next installment in my ongoing series of Horus Heresy audio drama adventures featuring Nathaniel Garro is on its way; Shield of Lies is a multi-disc edition featuring over two hours of storyline starring Toby Longworth as Garro, with guest-stars Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble and David Timson, and a bonus disc including digital artwork wallpapers and a pdf of the recording script.

While the war rages on across the galaxy, for many on the Throneworld of Terra it exists only in rumour and hearsay.

But in the course of her daily duties, humble adept Katanoh Tallery discovers evidence of a conspiracy within the monolithic Administratum - surely, this can only be the precursor to a traitor attack on the Solar System itself!

Fleeing into the shadows, she soon finds herself at the mercy of the mysterious Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro. Will this stalwart defender of mankind be her saviour, or her executioner?

The all-digital MP3 release will go live on December 5th, with the shiny disc edition available soon after - but the physical release version will be on sale early at the Warhammer Fest and Black Library Weekender III events in October and November respectively. I'll be at both events, and will be more than happy to sign any copies.

You can pre-order Shield of Lies over at the Black Library website Here, and on that page you can also check out an exclusive audio excerpt from the story as well.


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