Tuesday, June 05, 2018

FEAR ITSELF is out now!

Another week, another new release! I'm pleased to announce that Fear Itself, the latest tie-in novel based on the TV series Star Trek: Discovery is out now in the USA in trade paperback, digital and audiobook editions (the rest of the world will get it in the next week or so!) 

This has been a unique book to work on, from signing on to the gig over a year ago and working alongside the writers and production team on Discovery to today's publication; Fear Itself is an original story set before the events of the series, centered on the character of Saru, and I've worked to create something that I hope will dovetail with the show and expand readers' understanding of the series - along with an exciting adventure in true Star Trek style...
Lieutenant Saru is a Kelpien, a member of a prey species born on a world overrun by monstrous predators…and a being who very intimately understands the nature of fear. 

Challenged on all sides, he is determined to surpass his origins and succeed as a Starfleet officer aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou

But when Saru breaks protocol in order to prove himself to his crewmates, what begins as a vital rescue mission to save a vessel in distress soon escalates out of control. 

Forced into a command role he may not be ready for, Saru is caught between his duty and the conflicting agendas of two antagonistic alien races. 

To survive, he will need to seek a path of peace against all odds, and risk compromising the very ideals he has sworn to uphold….

Earlier this week, the good folks over at TrekMovie.com posted an interview with me, where I talk in greater detail about the book, my experiences writing it, the challenges of working alongside an ongoing TV production and more. To read the interview, click Here.

And for more details on Star Trek: Discovery - Fear Itself, check out the official page for the novel at the Simon & Schuster website right Here.


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