Friday, January 11, 2013

A TARDIS and a sip of G & T

No new stuff to blog about for weeks and then a bunch of things come along at once...

As well as announcing the forthcoming release of my latest novel Enigma downblog, I can now also reveal that I've written a brand new original audio drama for the 50th anniversary of everyone's favourite timelord, Doctor Who.

The big 5-0 for the Doctor this year means there's a lot of cool stuff coming out to celebrate his half-century and as part of that, production companies AudioGo and Big Finish have come together to create an eleven-part episodic series of monthly releases called Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor.

Why eleven episodes, you may ask? That's one for every incarnation of the Doctor, one story told in the style of Big Finish's 'Companion Chronicle' tales featuring each version of the Doc from William Hartnell through to Matt Smith. I've written a tale of the Seventh Doctor called Shockwave, which will be out in July.

Here's the full list of episodes:
Hunters of Earth (by Nigel Robinson), Shadow of Death (by Simon Guerrier), Vengeance of the Stones (by Andrew Smith), Babblesphere (by Jonathan Morris), Smoke and Mirrors (by Steve Lyons), Trouble in Paradise (by Nev Fountain), Shockwave (by James Swallow), Enemy Lines (by Alan Barnes), Night of the Whisper (by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright), Death’s Deal (by Darren Jones) and The Time Machine (by Matt Fitton).

I'll talk more about Shockwave in the weeks to come; but in the meantime I'll be talking about other stuff this Sunday afternoon (the 13th, from 2.00pm GMT) on the G & T Show live podcast.

Specifically, Star Trek stuff like my upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation eBook The Stuff of Dreams and a new novel I'm working of called The Poisoned Chalice, featuring Will Riker and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan as part of a five-book miniseries called The Fall.

Check out the G & T Show's website Here, complete with downloads of their previous episodes.

You can also post questions for me on the G & T forum Here or log on directly to the Livestream Here on Sunday afternoon.

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