Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Star Trek Week: You Are Hearing Me the G & T Show

My second bit of bloggage here at Red Flag about my current work on Star Trek projects is another podcast, this time the laid-back lazy Sunday afternoon hang-out that is the G & T Show.

Another fun community podcast, hosted by Nick Minecci, Terilynn Shull and Michael Medeiros, broadcast via livestream on Sundays, the G & T Show focuses on Star Trek fiction in and around the TV shows and movies, with an eye toward spin-off in books and games, especially the Star Trek Online MMO. Conversational and irreverent, the G & T Show always reminds me of hanging out in a convention bar chatting with my fellow nerds and generally just grokking Trek...

G & T Show 76 – James Swallow Live! This week, Nick, Terry, and Mike are joined by the amazing James Swallow for an in depth interview and for our regular rounds of discussion. James touched upon his books, novellas, audio dramas, game scripts, convention experiences, writing, and more. You don’t want to miss this. then, when we get around to this week’s show, we talked about Star Trek: Into Darkness News, an all new Ask Dayton, Listener Mail, a full recap of STLV 2013 Update with some new guests, and Nick and Mike share what they are reading.

Thanks to Nick, Teri and Mike for having me back once again!

Check out the podcast Here, visit the G & T Show site Here or tune in to their Livestream Here every Sunday from 2.00pm GMT.

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