Thursday, January 03, 2013

Y2K12 Books

So with another year over, my thoughts briefly turn to recollection of the things I did in between all the other things I did; as part of my jet-set gadabout lifestyle (you there at the back, stop laughing), I often feel like I don't get to read as much as I'd like to. Still, a fair bit passed under my gaze in 2012, and I was interested to note that nearly a third of it was presented in digital form rather than dead-tree. Does this represent a trend? Nah. I still like paper books, but I'm damned if I'll tolerate snobbery over formats. A read is a read, end of.

Here's the full list:

Zero Sum Game (David Mack), Paths of Disharmony (Dayton Ward), Seize the Fire (Michael A. Martin), Rough Beasts of Empire (David R. George III), Home Fires (Gene Wolfe), Thrill-Power Overload (David Bishop), DVD Extras Include: Murder (Nev Fountain), The Russian (Andy McNab & Peter Grimsdale), Cursed Among Sequels (Fountain), Fatal Alliance (Sean Williams), Carte Blanche (Jeffrey Deaver), Embedded (Dan Abnett), Adrift on the Sea of Rains (Ian Sales), Jacked (David Kushner), Excession (Iain M. Banks), Operation Night Eagle (Blaine Lee Pardoe), Rising Sun, Falling Shadows (Robert T. Jeschonek), Operation Herod (Andrew Cartmel), The Persistence of Memory (Mack), Silent Weapons (Mack), The Body Electric (Mack), Empire of the Clouds (James Hamilton-Paterson), Stolen Thunder (David Axton), Mephiston (David Annandale), Shadows of Treachery (Various), The Cole Protocol (Tobias S. Buckell), The Primarchs (Various), Black Library Weekender 2012 Anthology Volume One (Various), Redshirts (John Scalzi), Phoenix Squadron (Rowland White), Damnation (Raymond Benson), The Quantum Thief (Hannu Rajaniemi), Priests of Mars (Graham McNeill), Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (Sean Howe)

As with previous years, I'm still reading a lot of SF and a fair few tie-ins; I got back into Trek fiction, as evidenced by the sheer amount of stuff by m'colleague David Mack in this years list. There were plenty of contenders for both best and worst, although I'll concentrate on the former; shout outs to Nev Fountain for his ongoing Mervyn Stone fan-dunnit mysteries, David Bishop for his engaging history of 2000AD, the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, and to Hannu Rajaniemi for his funky debut work The Quantum Thief.

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